The IBgard® Difference

#1 Gastroenterologist recommended brandǂ IBgard® is specially formulated to promote abdominal comfort.

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Gentle, Fast & Reliable

#1 Gastroenterologist recommended brand

Starts working in as little as 24 hours

Gradual release of ultrapurified peppermint oil for gut health support

Suitable for daily use


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Advanced Science

IBgard® is the only solution clinically shown to help manage a combination of occasional abdominal symptoms using patented Site-Specific Targeting (SST®) technology, which is designed to deliver ultrapurified peppermint oil to where it is needed.

The peppermint oil is uniquely designed in tiny spheres with three-layer coating. All three layers work together and were designed to release the peppermint oil directly to the source of your occasional symptoms for fast action.

This gradual release allows a slow and gentle approach. The calming action of peppermint oil steadily travels through the gut to help manage occasional abdominal symptoms.

Is designed to minimize the potential for heartburn, unlike single coating technology used in standard peppermint oil products.

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