About Us

Why Gard

We are dedicated to developing products to address overall health and wellness, including those that help manage occasional symptoms, such as those impacting digestive health. By carefully selecting and identifying the perfect combination of herbal ingredients, Gard goes the extra mile to bring solutions. We combine a foundation of knowledge and research with innovative technology, offering daily support of your occasional gut symptoms.†

Don't let your occasional gut symptoms stop you.
Keep health and joy at the center of your being.†

Recyclable packaging

Herbal Ingredients, Sustainable Packaging

We make our products with sustainability in mind. We have reduced the amount of ink on our packaging and removed the foil & package inserts.

We always want the best for our consumers and patients. That’s why providing our products with naturally-sourced ingredients is important to us.

Our goals

Our growth goals

We want our consumers to live their lives, with confidence. We have a range of products to help them do this through their journey – but we’re not stopping there. By expanding our offering around the globe and constantly working on the latest nutritional innovations, we’ll be helping more and more people manage their gut health.

How we’re structured

How we are structured

We’re a globally managed business within Nestlé Health Science, and play a key role in its health and wellness strategy. That means we benefit from all the great resources of the Nestlé Group.

Based at the Nestlé Research Center in Vers-chez-les Blanc, Switzerland, we have market-level headquarters in all the countries we operate in.

A team of experts

Team of experts retouch

We want to give our consumers what they need to maintain and improve their gut health. With our broad expertise, we work with a global network of healthcare providers, pharmacists, academics and researchers to develop the best options for individual needs.

Unique technology

IBgard® & FDgard® capsules contain triple-coated, spheres of ultra-purified herbal ingredients, in a unique delivery system.

With its patented Site Specific Targeting (SST®) technology, the tiny spheres in IBgard® & FDgard® capsules are strategically designed to gradually dissolve in the small intestine to help manage your occasional abdominal symptoms by:†

*Soothing the lining - supports nutrient absorption†
*Calming the muscles - Relaxes temporary muscle contractions which can cause occasional symptoms†

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